donderdag, januari 25, 2007

New Dawn bij vriesweer

Deze foto is van vorige winter.
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Picture from last Winter. This was all that was left from my favorite Rose "New Dawn", but look how gorgeous it looks on a frosty morning.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Merci ! je me suis régalée de toutes ces belles photos ;)

  2. Geneviève2/2/07 13:31

    Quelles merveilles toutes ces photos d'hiver !
    Elles sont absolument "envoûtantes" !

  3. Wow this is just stunning.
    I love to be able to see the beauty in something that is considered finished or ugly. Your photo of the frost is so BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Isn't nature wonderful, even when it is so harsh.