donderdag, november 20, 2008


Pimpelmees-Koolmees-Zwarte Mees. Ze waren hongerig!! Waarschijnlijk voelden ze de (sneeuw)bui al hangen...
Chickadees ... don't know their names in English. I should check out Wikipedia :)

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  1. thanks for your comments on my photogaphy blog. I only play in the flowers three times of the year now, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    I really love how you did the bird feeder, I have my feeder out and I can't keep it filled, they are going through so much. I haven't seen the way you do your bird feeder before with the nuts and mess bag. They are called chickadees here in English but I dont think they look like these you have photographed..

  2. Great pictures, in England the birds on the left are called Blue Tits, top right is a Great Tit.
    Bottom left bird; if the bird has a beige colour front and has a white stripe/patch on the black area of its head it is a Coal Tit. If the bottom right bird has yellow front with a black stripe it is another great tit. This is the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds)site, it has a section to help you identify the birds you have seen.

    Great pictures


  3. Oops, the last bird I mentioned was meant to be the one on the bottom right ;) oops

    Billie :)