zaterdag, november 27, 2010

Rijm op Hydrangea

't Was koud vanmorgen.
A very cold morning.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Goed dat je fotoblog weer wakker geworden is!
    Supermooie gedetailleerde foto! Prachtig van kleur!
    We want more this week...:)

  2. wow,,,this really is... it and the colors look fabulous!!

  3. wat een prachtige vorstfoto's heb je genomen.

  4. Love this, mother nature is sure wonderful.

  5. Oh... this is marvelous! It is still warm here and we haven't yet had our first frost... OR I haven't been up early enough to notice! (I posted spring blooming Camellia blossoms today on my blog... they have clearly lost their way to be blooming now instead of in spring!)