maandag, juni 29, 2009

Roze lavendel - Mistige ochtend

Vanmorgen vroeg in de mist een foto gemaakt van de roze lavendel.
An early morning shot of the pink lavender, it's a foggy morning.

Het wordt warm vandaag.
It's going to be warm today

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat mooi, ik ken eigenlijk alleen de blauw/paarse lavendel.

  2. mmm pink lavender...yes, it was foggy here in Germany too this morning,,but ugh,,,now,,,really hot and muggy. Nice fog shot too.

  3. i think I have only seen the lavender or purple lavender, I assume it smells the same. Did't you have white lavender also? Oh you want to talk hot, it was 90 degrees here at 5:30am, right now 107 degrees. Woo now that is summer.