donderdag, juli 02, 2009

Hydrangea Arborescens

Al is de zomer pas begonnen, het blad van de eikenbladhortensia begint hier en daar al rood te worden.
Summer just began, but this Hydrangea's leaves are turning red already.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Nature's perfect balance. The red and green are FANTASTIC together

  2. Oh no, not fall already, I just love hydrangea's. I would be curious what your settings were here. Looks like full sun, if so put your aperture around f11 and make sure you meter. You might need to do an exposure bias such a "-" instead of a "+". That way you are underexposing because of the sun. Play with exposure or you can also do exposure bracketing, one on meter, one "-" and one "+" to see which is best.

  3. Quelle belle photo et quelles couleurs ! Ce n'est pas déjà l'automne quand même ?

    Un petit tag sur mon blog pour honorer celui-ci de toute beauté!